Upgrade your Home in 2014! Our 4 Favorite Home Incentives and Rebates

My house in Portland is a treasure trove of projects. Opportunities abound. And abound. And abound. Each year around this time, we start planning which home improvement projects we will be tackling. And with any luck, by the end of the year we will have accomplished a few of them. We are attempting to make smart upgrades that make sense for our home, that increase the value of the property, and take advantage of some of the great rebates and incentives available to homeowners in the Portland area. We are really lucky to have so many programs available to us. Here is a rundown of four of my favorites: 

 #1: Treebate

This great little program credits your water bill for planting trees, which benefits Portland’s rivers as well as your pocketbook. Plant an eligible tree on a residential property before April 30, 2014, and Environmental Services will credit your city water/sewer bill for half the purchase price of each tree (up to $50). Not all trees qualify, so check out the BES website for more details.

#2: Clean River Rewards

Also a program from the Bureau of Environmental Services, this one gives you up to a 100% discount on your sewage portion of your water bill, if you manage stormwater on your property. Stormwater management protects rivers, streams, and groundwater from the damaging effects of runoff.

#3: The Great Toilet Rebate

The Portland Water Bureau is currently offering a $50 rebate for replacing an old toilet or urinal with a high-efficiency model.  Rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and models must meet eligibility requirements. The program will end when funds are depleted; as of today, funds are still available.

#4: Outdoor Irrigation Rebate

Portland Water Bureau customers can also apply for rebates on water-saving multi-stream rotator nozzles and WaterSense-labeled irrigation controllers. With proper installation, programming, and maintenance, you can save thousands of gallons of water annually by using these upgrades. This program will also end when funds are depleted; check details on the PWB website.

So happy 2014!  I hope this year is fruitful for all of your home improvement projects.