We Do Property Management

Renter Management. Cleaning. Maintenance. Landscaping.

Building vibrant creative spaces, mixing offices with retail, and keeping what's great about traditional and historic spaces. All of this creates exceptional buildings to work, play, and live in.  

At Habitate we profitably manage our properties while conserving precious resources like energy and water.  We source environmentally friendly building materials and contractors, avoid the use of harmful chemicals and toxins, and hold our contractors and vendors to high ethical standards.  We provide exceptional service and transparent accounting with all our properties. 

Commercial Spaces  

Habitate specializes in green and historic buildings, mixed-use buildings, creative labs, and any type of commercial in-between.  Learn more about our comprehensive services >>

Residential Properties

Homeowners find many reasons to hire a property management firm.  Peace of mind typically tops the list. We legally screen tenants so you can feel comfortable about renting your property. We maintain your home and yard so you can feel secure that your investment is protected. We receive those 2 a.m. phone calls, so you don't have to.  And, best of all, it is more affordable than you think.  Get started >>

Vacation Rentals

Habitate can help manage your Airbnb listing or various other vacation rental sites. Providing you with seamless communication with your guests, key delivery, and helping your space run smoothly and profitability.  Learn more >>