Airbnb & Vacation Home Management 

Renting a spare space or your home on Airbnb? There is a fair amount of work that goes into managing these rentals and getting everything ready to welcome your guests.  Habitate's professional staff have years of hotel and hospitality experience.  We are able to anticipate common pitfalls and help with the management of these unique types rentals.    

Vacation Rental Services: 

  • Cleaning and 'Reset' Services, with a hospitality focus 
  • Revenue management, maximizing seasonal rental rates and occupancy
  • Listings, Marketing and Advertising your space
  • Professional photos
  • Guest communications
  • Key delivery and guest check-in
  • Restocking Supplies
  • Emergency Services
  • Maintenance Services

One time fee for setting up your property, percentage of rentals for ongoing management  

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